Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Too tired to think of a clever title.

It's been two weeks since I released my projects to the public. It feels more like two months. The new year came with a new job, and I've been spending ten hours a day fixing bugs in other people's code. You might expect that the last thing I'd want to do after stumbling home from the bus stop in the freezing darkness is to fire up the computer and stare at Eclipse some more. Not so; I've actually been eager to start fixing bugs in Weapon M. I just haven't had the time.

SourceForge has been pretty flaky lately, so I'm moving my projects over to Github. I'm also converting them to build with Maven. Automaton, JPlex, and JTX are up already, but I still need to get Prefuse converted before moving on to Weapon M itself.

As expected, there's plenty to fix. Tweety has proven especially adept at finding bugs, and mrdon has already fixed a few of them and even added some new features to his local builds. Thanks to them, I should be able to put out a bug fix release by the end of the month.

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