Monday, December 31, 2012

Public Release Tonight!

I plan to upload the first public release of Weapon M when I get home from work tonight, sometime after 6 PM MST. There are still many features left unfinished, including a few that I consider essential. But even where it has not met my expectations, it's demonstrated the capability to do so. More importantly, I think I've already achieved my main objective of creating a client that will attract more players to the game. The map alone should draw some interest.

Surprisingly, I've received very little feedback from the project supporters. Either they're not actually using the program, or they're playing their cards very close to their chests when it comes to what kinds of scripts they're working on. I've actually received more comments and suggestions from players who have seen nothing but the early screenshots and scripting tutorials. So I won't be surprised if a large number of bugs are discovered in the first public release.

Going forward, I'll prioritize enhancements and bug fixes based on some combination of what users tell me they care about and what's easiest to deliver. I'll respond to questions here and on the official TradeWars Helpers & Scripts forum, and track bugs and feature requests in the project's ticket system.

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