Monday, October 29, 2012

Cake or Death?

I obviously didn't meet my goal of being ready to release to the $10 backers this weekend. However, I did get a new kitten. I'm going to send out one more update to the $25+ backers tomorrow, and hopefully publish to the $10 backers in a few days.

One thing I did this week was to audit the script and database API for naming consistency. For example, instead of referring to "Figs" in one place and "Fighters" in another, now everything is nice and uniform. This may have broken some scripts, but in the long run it will make the API easier to read and learn.

In the process, I caught and corrected a few mistakes in my modeling of the game data, such as psychic probes being an unnecessary property of ship types. I improved the default behavior of Script#getScriptName() and Script#getMenuPath() to better organize scripts for which they're not overridden. And there's one more thing I don't think I mentioned:

I finally finished the default script parameters dialog. Any parameters registered in Script#initScript() are neatly displayed with the appropriate input widgets. As you can see, this user has chosen wisely.

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