Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dark Matter Update

The development of Dark Matter is proceeding swiftly. It functions as a terminal now. I'm copying classes in from Weapon M and reviewing them as I go. I've already fixed a few stupid bugs in the old code. There's currently a bug in JTX where it doesn't scroll to the bottom when the scroll pane's client first becomes larger than the viewport. This happened occasionally in Weapon M, but it seems to happen all the time in Dark Matter. I expect it'll be an easy fix.

The maintainer of DockingFrames does not want to maintain a Maven repo, so I forked it and deployed docking-frames-core, docking-frames-common, and docking-frames-ext-glass in my own repo. I also deployed Steffen Kux's glasslib. Dark Matter can now be built with Maven, but I haven't written the assembly module yet, so the resulting jars cannot be run without a bunch of dependencies on the classpath. Soon!

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