Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whipping Maven, part deux

Success! I've got it attaching the zip and uploading everything automatically. This snippet shows the difference between my new POM and the one I posted last night:

            <!-- assemble a zip file with the deps in lib/ -->



There are a few things to note here. The ${chalcodes.url} property is injected by my ~/.m2/settings.xml. The SSH wagon extension requires that the URL contains the absolute path of the repository on the host, e.g., scp:// If you supply a path relative to your home directory like you normally would with scp, it tries to create the directory /public_html, which of course fails. Also note that the assembly plugin goal must be single and not assembly.

There was one other hitch that took me a while to figure out. The wagon was able to create the subdirectories it needed, but it couldn't upload the files. It was failing with this error:

org.apache.maven.wagon.CommandExecutionException: Exit code: 0 - stdin: is not a tty

It turned out that my .bash_profile was including a file that contained the command stty. This doesn't cause any problems for scp, but apparently it screws up the Java implementation that Maven uses.

And here's the result: a sweet directory full of sweet files. It even generates the checksums automatically!

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