Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Dev Box

I just ordered a new system from NewEgg, so I'll be able to resume working on my projects next weekend. It's a budget build, but still a big upgrade over the Asus 1015T netbook I was using.

I've registered a domain for my stuff. I'm also going to try to register a domain that I owned years ago; it's currently parked and its registration expires in a few weeks. One of these will eventually host my own Subversion and Maven repos and perhaps a proper bug tracker like Mantis.

Fair warning: I'm considering switching the Java package names of my projects to refer to my real domain instead of the krum.* hierarchy. I realize this would break anything that depends on them. But as far as I'm aware that isn't much, and refactoring would only require a simple text replace. Moving forward, it would be really nice to have my Java packages and Maven coordinates refer to a real site.

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