Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stage Two Ignition

I've been busting my brain cells on the data parser. It's capturing significantly more data than it was a week ago. It's still not capturing everything I wanted it to be capturing by this point, but it's coming along. The biggest challenge was coming up with a good pattern for noting the absence of data. For example, after you fire your last ether probe, the info screen doesn't say you have zero probes; it no longer says anything about probes at all. Data like the contents of a sector or the members of a corporation present the same kind of problem. But I think I've come up with a pretty good solution.

This week, however, I'm turning my attention back to the script system. I fixed a few bugs and ported in the powerful breadth-first search that I originally wrote for my SWATH scripts. Now I just need to finish the script parameter stuff and the API will basically be complete.

I'm planning another release before the weekend. This one will go out to the $25+ backers. I can be pretty obsessive-compulsive about method names and things like that, but from this release forward, I'm going to consider the project a beta and try not to break any APIs.

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