Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Will Code 4 Fun And Profit

I still have a lot of work to do before Weapon M will be ready compete with SWATH and TWX. But development is proceeding so smoothly that I'm beginning to think about how I can leverage all the time I put into it and the skills I learned while writing it to make a little money for the farm.

I'm planning to offer Weapon M for free and ask for donations to support its continued development, but I don't expect to make very much money from that since the potential global audience is no more than a few hundred people. I have some other projects in the pipeline that I'd love to commit to working on once Weapon M reaches its maintenance phase — projects with much wider appeal than a client for a 25-year-old game. But I wouldn't look forward to another year of grinding code as if it were my job unless it were actually my paying job. Once Weapon M is set in the crown of my curriculum vitae, I may float a few ideas on Kickstarter and see who bites.

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