Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cry havoc and let slip the puppies of war!

I sent out version 20120417 to about a half-dozen curious Trade Warriors this week. It's still just a terminal, but it's a damn nice one! There was a critical bug on Windows 7 related to the default location of ObjectDB's log files, but the workaround was simple and the ODB team already has a fix in for the next version.

The pace of development may be picking up soon. I started a new job two weeks ago and just finished the training. It was pretty intense, but I think the work will be less so. We'll be starting at stupid o'clock to avoid the inferno of noon, and I'll be spending many lazy afternoons in front of the computer, cold beverage in hand, before venturing out again like a crepuscular predator into the merciful twilight. Summer is winter in the Sonoran Desert...

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