Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Dead

I'm not dead. I've just been quite distracted... mainly by TW2002. This blog is rapidly becoming a TW2002 blog, but so be it.

I've created a TWA called Equilibrium, and I've been working on the officlal TradeWars Wiki. I've also been thinking a lot about helpers. As I see it, one of the biggest barriers for potential players is that, of the two most popular helpers today, one has a steep learning curve and the other costs money. If I ever produce a usable helper, I'll release it as fully-functional donationware. And of course it'll be written in Java, so it'll be platform-independent. That's the only way I can reach Windows users, because I have no intention of ever learning to write Win32 apps unless someone pays me a lot of money.

Tonight I'm hanging a bag on the side of the JTA SwingTerminal that will allow me to create hyperlinks in the terminal window. My plan is to make sector numbers clickable. Clicking a sector number will bring up the visual map and center it on the sector. For the mapping, I'm going to use GraphStream. Check out their demo video — it's pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing how much information I can pack into the map using colors, shapes, and sizes.

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