Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yet More TW2002

I'm still more involved in TW2002 than in working on Sector Zero. I'm thrilled that John Pritchett is committed to keeping the game alive and evolving, even after all these years. He's entertained at least one of my suggestions for restoring balance to a game overrun with bots and reactive scripts.

If TW2002 becomes popular again, it won't deter me from writing my own game. As I said before, writing a TW-style game is something I have to do for personal reasons. The existence of a popular competitor would only encourage me to try even more radical ideas in my own version, such as a bottom-up "allegiance" system in place of the conventional top-down corporation/guild system.

My latest distraction has been writing an app to convert the TradeWars daily log into HTML for a gameop who wanted to post his logs to his blog. (And now I'm thinking about Arrested Development.) The source and an executable jar are both available from the Classic TW Forums.


  1. and even though it is just a distraction i still thank you for doing it.

  2. I enjoyed doing it. I'd been treating my game like a thesis project or a job, and it was becoming a chore.